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5C Collets

1.Products name : 5C COLLETS 2.Material:65Mn 3.Hardness: clamping part HRC55-60 elastic part HRC40-45 4.This unit is applicable to all sorts of lathes,which spindle taper hole is 5C,such as automatic lathes,CNC lathes etc. 5.Accuracy:0.015mm 6.Type:Round Square Hex 7.Mini order quantity: 10pcs

7:24 Taper Collet Chuck

Material: 40Cr Hardness: HRC48-52 Accuracy: 0.005mm Package: Plastic box Standard: DIN2080.30 DIN2080.40 DIN2080.50 Package:Plastic box

ARG401104 ACP200 Japan BIG Milling Inserts Milling Blades

ARG401104 ACP200 ARG401104 ACP300 ARG401104 ACZ310   Brand: BIG/ Big Showa ARG401104 ACP200 CNC milling insert, ACP200 material is suitable

B976A10000 KC7315 Kennametal Alloy Drill Bit, Tungsten Steel Drill Bit with Internal Cooling, Water Jet Twist Drill

B976A10000 KC7315 B976A11000 KC7315 B976A12000 KC7315 B976A13000 KC7315 B976A14000 KC7315 B976A15000 KC7315 B976A09000 KC7315 B976A08000 KC7315   Brand: KENNAMETAL B976A10000

BT-MTB Rear Pull Type Toolholder BT30 50 60 MTB1 2 3 4 screw locking Type toolholder

Product name: MTB screw locking type toolholder Material: high quality 42CrMo Hardness: HRC52-58 Body precision:0.003 Surface roughness:Ra <0.005

BT30 40 50-SCA high precision CNC triple-edge side milling toolholder

Product Name: High Precision SCA Tool Holder Product material: high quality 42CrMo Heat treatment hardness: HRC50-52 Body accuracy: 0.003 Surface Roughness: Ra <0.005

BT40/50/60-FMB40F four-screw hole high-precision flat milling tool holder

Product Name: MB40F four screw hole toolholder Material: High quality 42CrMo Heat treatment hardness: HRC50-52 Body accuracy: 0.003 Surface roughness: Ra <0.005

Carbide insert 120408 120412 PM through groove

CNMG120404 (yellow) CNMG120408 (yellow) CNMG120412 (yellow) CNMG120404 (black) CNMG120408 (black) CNMG120412 (black) CNMG120404-PM (yellow) CNMG120408-PM (yellow) CNMG120412-PM (yellow) CNMG120404-PM (Black) CNMG120408-PM (Black) CNMG120412-PM (Black)