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K11 Series Three-Jaw Self-Centering Chucks

  1. Short cylindrical center mounting.
  2. Model K11 chucks are provided with one-piece jaws (which include a set of internal jaws and a set of external ones) .
  3. The jaws for K11A,K11C and K11D chucks are composed of two piece jaws. They can perform as either internal or external jaws through adjustment.
  4. The jaws for K11A and K11D chucks conform to ISO3442 standard.
  5. Model K11C chucks are supplied with traditional two-piece jaws.
  6. We can provide all kinds of soft jaws.
  7. The body materials are classified as classified as wear-resisting alloy cast iron.
  8. Cover material:HT250(K11160 and bigger sizes) improving chuck accuracy and rigidity.