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NO NOGO smooth plug gauge custom

Gauge for smooth limit holes Product specifications: various smooth plug gauges of IT6 grade or above (including grade 6), various smooth ring gauges with a diameter of 1.6~320mm, and the bezel: diameter φ8-400mm with an accuracy of ±0.002

Smooth plug gauge wholesale customization

Product name: smooth plug gauge Product Specifications: Smooth Plug Gauge Support Customization Product features: Diversity of specifications and stability Purpose: To check whether the external thread size of the workpiece is within the tolerance range

Thread plug gauge, Thread go/no-go gauge

Product Name: Thread Plug Gauge Material: bearing steel Product model: various specifications (support non-standard customization) Accuracy: 4H 5H 6H 7H 6G Purpose: A tool for measuring the correctness of the internal thread size

Various measuring tools customization

Ring Gauge Customized Plug Gauge Customized Threaded Ring Gauge Custom Threaded plug gauge Customized Taper Gauge Custom Taper mandrel customization