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BT-APU drill chuck Toolholder BT high precision CNC toolholder One-piece self-tightening drill chuck

Product Name:High Precision APU Toolholder Surface roughness: Ra <0.005 Material: High quality 42CrMo Heat treatment hardness: HRC50-52 Body accuracy: 0.003 Features 1、Vacuum heat treatment, even quenching and high hardness, good anti-vibration effect. 2、The tool shank taper grade<AT3, are tested on the standard checker of DIEBOLD, Germany, the accuracy positioning is accurate and stable.

BT-FMB60 four screw hole shank BT50-FMB60-75,100,150L flat milling shank. CNC toolholder

Product Name: BT-FMB60 Four Screw Hole Toolholder Surface roughness: Ra <0.005 Material: High quality 42CrMo Heat treatment hardness: HRC50-52 Body accuracy: 0.005

BT50-C32/42 High Precision Powerful CNC Tool Holder

Product Name: High precision C-type strong handle Product material: high quality 20CrMnTi Heat treatment hardness: HRC58-60 Body accuracy: 0.003 Surface roughness: Ra <0.005

ER CNC tool holder BT40 50-ER32 25

Product Name: High Precision ER Tool Holder Product material: high quality 42CrMn Heat treatment hardness: HRC50-52 Body accuracy: 0.003 Surface roughness: Ra <0.005

CNC Tools China Supplier

Finding affordable CNC tools that are effective for completing cutting tasks on a big scale? Get top-notch CNC tools, CNC solid carbide, and machine accessories from CNC Tools China Supplier. is a one-stop online source for your bulk CNC machinery needs; get high-quality CNC tooling. Purchase everything for top quality at the best prices in the industry. Also, we also have the practical know-how to direct you to the appropriate tool for the job. 

For the wood, plastics, and non-ferrous metals industries, we only provide the best materials from reliable producers!

High Performance Cutting Tools Supplier

Modern machining relies heavily on CNC tools, which provide accurate, steady, and effective cutting performance. The use of CNC tools is growing in importance in the field of super-precision machining.

Moreover, CNC tools are common, particularly in the processing of stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and mold steel. They offer high functioning in all the industrial uses.

Both large and small woodworking firms now use CNC routers as a necessary component for both production manufacturing and custom work. Furthermore, for CNC carbide insert, we provide a wide range of normal gear. This includes router bits, tool holders, collets, set-up stands, and much more.

The advantage of purchasing with over other suppliers of the same Machine Tool Accessories is that we will give your customers the information and support. In order to select the best tool for each unique application. 

Since there are so many options for CNC tools, it may be difficult to choose. To make the process easier, CNC Cutter Tool Supplier will explain which option is suitable. As well as how to operate the tool effectively and efficiently.

Benefits Of Using CNC Cutting Tools

CNC tools are autonomous and use a digital template; it eliminates human error, which essentially results in excellent accuracy. Also, the CNC tool software offers a complete workflow, allowing it to correctly carry out repetitive activities.

  • Between 30% and 50% tougher 
  • Quickly created
  • Have an excellent heat conductivity
  • Have less resistance to motion
  • To resist wear & tear very well
  • Be stable and inert chemically

Here, our Cutting Tools Supplier has the ability to provide you with practically any form of custom tool for use on a CNC machine. 

CNC Tools China Supplier & Distributor

The CNC tools for sale are to create top-notch products, higher productivity, high precision, accuracy, and efficiency in machining operations. Therefore, CNC Tools China is essential to use. In addition, your business should have a complete understanding of CNC cutting tools. 

This can be easily obtained by using our quality CNC tools which we source from our quality manufacturing partners. 

At, we have a large variety of affordable and quality CNC tools. Moreover, we work hard to establish ourselves as your go-to marketplace for buying CNC equipment. Also, our mission is to assist you in buying CNC tools using a cutting-edge platform. 

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