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Carbide milling insert SEKN1504 titanium plated

SEKN1504 (ancient cave color coating with holes) SEKN1504 (black coating with holes) SEKN1504 (with holes and no coating) SEKN1504 (black


DNMG150604 (steel processing) DNMG150608 (steel processing) DNMG150612 (steel processing) DNMG150604 (stainless steel processing) DNMG150608 (stainless steel processing) DNMG150612 (stainless steel processing) DNMG150604 (Casting Processing) DNMG150608 (casting processing) DNMG150612 (casting processing)

Double-sided hexagonal milling insert WNMU080608

Product Name: WNMU080608-GM Blade Material: Carbide Blade features: transformation of the traditional square shoulder money, double-sided use, with 6 cutting edges Processing material: cast iron Blade brand: FOCREA