1st-tools.com offers Custom Carbide Insert in addition to the top-notch supply of CNC tools and Machinery tools. For the machining of different materials on lathes, such as stainless steel, cast iron, steel, non-ferrous metals, etc., carbide inserts work effectively to the bracket.

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Carbide insert 120408 120412 PM through groove

CNMG120404 (yellow) CNMG120408 (yellow) CNMG120412 (yellow) CNMG120404 (black) CNMG120408 (black) CNMG120412 (black) CNMG120404-PM (yellow) CNMG120408-PM (yellow) CNMG120412-PM (yellow) CNMG120404-PM (Black) CNMG120408-PM (Black) CNMG120412-PM (Black)

Carbide inserts external round diamond shaped CCMT060204 06CCMT09T304/308HM/HR

Introduction of carbide groove type Finishing groove type: DF SF EF NF HF MF Semi-finishing groove type: DM HM EM NM PM Roughing groove type: DR LR HR ER Gravity machining groove type: HPR HDR Precision groove type: USF Finishing of all types of steel Turning New grade of coated carbide PVD nano-coating ● Special coating process makes the insert surface smooth, reduces friction, and makes chip removal smoother. ● Unique nano-structure coating, more tightly bonded to the substrate, higher toughness and hardness. ● Good thermal and chemical stability provides more effective protection for cutting edge.

Carbide milling insert SEKN1504 titanium plated

SEKN1504 (ancient cave color coating with holes) SEKN1504 (black coating with holes) SEKN1504 (with holes and no coating) SEKN1504 (black

Custom Carbide Insert

No matter the type of insert, whether it is for milling, drilling, turning, threading, etc., we use custom drawings or samples from the customer. Our custom-made carbide inserts are perfect for multiple applications.

For usage in automobiles, aerospace, molds, electronic goods, wind power, and steel constructions, carbide inserts work well. A carbide insert is a flexible tool used mostly in machining centers and rotary units on lathes for machining.

Utilizing carbide inserts at high speeds facilitates quicker machining, which produces superior finishes. Your customers must choose the right carbide insert for the material to cut in order to avoid damaging the insert, the machine, and the workpiece.

It also works well for eccentric components such as gearbox housings and high-volume components. Including grooves, threads, and chamfers of various types, you may use our affordable carbide inserts at affordable prices.

Uses And Features of Wholesale Carbide Inserts

Wholesale Carbide Inserts are primarily used for the machining of cast iron and non-ferrous metals. It consists of WC and Co and has high flexural strength and toughness. Also, carbide inserts have good thermal conductivity but low heat resistance and wear resistance.

You can improve performance in terms of finish and surface-finish quality by using carbide tooling. As per the other types of tools, carbide tools are less expensive. They are resistant to cracking and very strong.

The best tools available consist of carbide, and they are also the least expensive as per the other high-quality tool holder brands and types. It is extremely cost-effective to not need to acquire tools on a regular basis due to the durability and shelf life of carbide tooling.

Carbide inserts improve the material's normal temperature and high temperature, hardness, and strength, thermal shock resistance, and wear resistance. Cast iron and stainless steel can be machined using this material.

Exceptional Bulk Supplier of Custom Carbide Insert

We offer the outstanding quality of 1st-tools.com's bespoke carbide inserts and brand CNC cutting tools wholesale without any hassle. Moreover, we treat our bulk buyers with the respect, consideration, and service you merit. That is our pledge. 

Our wholesale supplier of Custom Carbide Insert maintains its competitive edge by consistently investing in cutting-edge technology and constant training. This keeps our highly experienced personnel at the top of their game in a sector where precision, dependability, and efficiency are valued above all else.

We provide cutting CNC tools, machinery tools, and related goods in addition to bespoke carbide inserts. For use in machining engines, drivetrains, transmissions, brakes, aerospace, and other applications. We can make excellent customer connections through our persistent efforts to create and manufacture more effective tooling systems.

Purchase our quality and affordable wholesale carbide inserts in bulk for retailers, wholesalers, and distributors. Get FREE quotes being a bulk buyer and fulfill your requirements.