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Inserto de metal duro 120408 120412 PM ranura pasante

CNMG120404 (amarillo) CNMG120408 (amarillo) CNMG120412 (amarillo) CNMG120404 (negro) CNMG120408 (negro) CNMG120412 (negro) CNMG120404-PM (amarillo) CNMG120408-PM (amarillo) CNMG120412-PM (amarillo) CNMG12040 4-PM (Negro) CNMG120408- PM (negro) CNMG120412-PM (negro)

Carbide inserts external round diamond shaped CCMT060204 06CCMT09T304/308HM/HR

Introduction of carbide groove type Finishing groove type: DF SF EF NF HF MF Semi-finishing groove type: DM HM EM NM PM Roughing groove type: DR LR HR ER Gravity machining groove type: HPR HDR Precision groove type: USF Finishing of all types of steel Turning New grade of coated carbide PVD nano-coating ● Special coating process makes the insert surface smooth, reduces friction, and makes chip removal smoother. ● Unique nano-structure coating, more tightly bonded to the substrate, higher toughness and hardness. ● Good thermal and chemical stability provides more effective protection for cutting edge.

Carbide milling insert SEKN1504 titanium plated

SEKN1504 (ancient cave color coating with holes) SEKN1504 (black coating with holes) SEKN1504 (with holes and no coating) SEKN1504 (black