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5C Collets

1.Products name : 5C COLLETS 2.Material:65Mn 3.Hardness: clamping part HRC55-60 elastic part HRC40-45 4.This unit is applicable to all sorts of lathes,which spindle taper hole is 5C,such as automatic lathes,CNC lathes etc. 5.Accuracy:0.015mm 6.Type:Round Square Hex 7.Mini order quantity: 10pcs

7:24 Taper Collet Chuck

Material: 40Cr Hardness: HRC48-52 Accuracy: 0.005mm Package: Plastic box Standard: DIN2080.30 DIN2080.40 DIN2080.50 Package:Plastic box

ARG401104 ACP200 Japan BIG Milling Inserts Milling Blades

ARG401104 ACP200 ARG401104 ACP300 ARG401104 ACZ310   Brand: BIG/ Big Showa ARG401104 ACP200 CNC milling insert, ACP200 material is suitable

B976A10000 KC7315 Kennametal Alloy Drill Bit, Tungsten Steel Drill Bit with Internal Cooling, Water Jet Twist Drill

B976A10000 KC7315 B976A11000 KC7315 B976A12000 KC7315 B976A13000 KC7315 B976A14000 KC7315 B976A15000 KC7315 B976A09000 KC7315 B976A08000 KC7315   Brand: KENNAMETAL B976A10000

BSA 90 Degree Rough Boring Shank BT-BSA Boring Head Toolholder

Product Name: High Precision BSA Toolholder Surface roughness: Ra <0.005 Product material: High quality 42CrMo Heat treatment hardness: HRC50-52 Body accuracy: 0.003

BT-APU drill chuck Toolholder BT high precision CNC toolholder One-piece self-tightening drill chuck

Product Name:High Precision APU Toolholder Surface roughness: Ra <0.005 Material: High quality 42CrMo Heat treatment hardness: HRC50-52 Body accuracy: 0.003 Features 1、Vacuum heat treatment, even quenching and high hardness, good anti-vibration effect. 2、The tool shank taper grade<AT3, are tested on the standard checker of DIEBOLD, Germany, the accuracy positioning is accurate and stable.

BT-CK Boring Head Shank BT40 50CK 2 3 4 5 6 Fine Boring Toolholder Machining Center Shank

Product Name: High Precision CK Toolholder Surface roughness: Ra <0.005 Product material: High quality 42CrMo Heat treatment hardness: HRC50-52 Body accuracy: 0.003

BT-FMB face milling shank BT30/40/50-FMB22/27/32 flat Face Milling Toolholder

Product Name: High Precision FMB Toolholder Surface roughness: Ra <0.005 Product material: High quality 42CrMo Heat treatment hardness: HRC50-52 Body accuracy: 0.003

BT-FMB60 four screw hole shank BT50-FMB60-75,100,150L flat milling shank. CNC toolholder

Product Name: BT-FMB60 Four Screw Hole Toolholder Surface roughness: Ra <0.005 Material: High quality 42CrMo Heat treatment hardness: HRC50-52 Body accuracy: 0.005


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